Oversight Board

Oversight Board 

Fiscal oversight of the Napa/Solano Area Agency on Aging is the primary responsibility of the Oversight Board.  The Board meets monthly to review fiscal documents and service units.  The Oversight Board advises the N/S AAA and approves service provider contracts. 

The Oversight Board meets the fourth Monday of each month from 10:00 - 12:00 PM.  Meetings are held alternatively in Napa County and Solano County in the Board of Supervisors Chambers or virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Monica Brown, Chairperson, Solano

Joelle Gallagher, Vice Chairperson, Napa


Liz Alessio, Napa

Beatryce Clark, Solano 

Ryan Gregory, Napa Alternate

Alma Hernandez, Solano Alternate

Ronald Kott, Solano 

Delphine Metcalf-Foster, Solano Alternate

David Oro, Napa Alternate

Mary Palmer, Napa

John Pearson, Napa 

Steve Sillen, Solano

Wanda Williams, Solano Alternate



Oversight Board Meetings

Meeting are held the fourth Monday of the month from 10-12 p.m.  Below is the 2023 meeting schedule.  Meetings are cancelled when there is no business before the Board.

April 24 -- Solano County 
May 22 -- Napa County 
July 24 -- Napa County 
August 28 -- Solano County 
October 23 -- Solano County 
November 27 -- Napa County 



Agenda and Minutes